Founded in 2018 by Guitarist Dave Kent and Bassist / Vocalist Dan Shaw, Perfect Cadence provide blend a mic of influences neatly together for a crisp  modern Country Rock sound. The band released there first three singles in 2020, Born To Be Dreamers, Inferno and the popular anthem Save Me Everyday. The band was joined by Keys played Alan Mansbridge in 2022 and by guitarist Marceliano Rojas and Drummer Alan Garza in 2023. 

Its hard to place an exact sound for the band, but the influences across Classic Rock acts such as Queen, Bon Jovi and Foreigner combine with County acts such as Kip Moore, Logan Mize, Big and Rich together to bring a sound that is a popular with a number of listeners. 

Passion for music lies in the core of the band, and they believe that every song will tell a story from the stoic, upbeat Born to Be Dreamers, to the song of  hope in Save Me everyday. The band believe they have a song for everyone. The commitment to the song shines in the rhythmic foundations, layered with memorable guitar parts and catchy melodies.